ACT College Test Prep Program


ACT Test Prep program includes two practice tests, eight weekly 60 min instruction sessions, two 1:1 test review sessions, and inclusion in cram session prior to the test. Homework and assignments are also a part of the program.


ACT College Test Preparation
Our ACT College Test Prep Course is the second section of our College Complete Pathway Program. It has been specifically designed to give our members the skills and strategies needed on test day. The student will begin the course with a diagnostic test to determine what specific areas need reviewing. The test will be given to simulate the same timing as the actual test. Then, the student will review and practice each of the 4 subjects (for the ACT) – English, Math, Science, and Reading. After four weeks of review, a second diagnostic test will be taken and scored. The second test will be used to hone down the areas needing additional review. Each weekly review session will be 60 minutes long. In each session, you will receive strategies for test-taking and topic review, and practice. Homework and additional practice to be completed prior to the next session will be assigned during the week. Inclusion in a two day, 4-hour intense review (Cram Session) prior to the test will complete the program.
  • Customized test prep counseling to zero in on the strengths and weaknesses of the student, creating a tailored plan to meet their individual needs and goals.
  • Create a customized report of the needed standardized test scores for applying to 8 colleges. Create the necessary steps and goals to work towards these test score requirements.
  • Two full-length practice tests. The diagnostic tests are scored and analyzed to provide each student with an individualized assessment of their performance, as well as recommendations on which test is most appropriate for their abilities. This preliminary evaluation ensures the best use of time and resources.
  • Customized diagnostic test result report showing the outcome of the test along with an analysis of the results.
  • Two 1:1 review sessions which will be used to discuss what strategies and adjustments which can be made to further improve test results.
  • Eight weekly review and practice sessions are designed to review the concepts covered in each test section. Each lesson will provide a thorough concept foundation through guided practice and test questions. The sessions allow the student to see what type of questions are asked on the test, as well as what formatting to expect on the test.
  • Students will practice what they’ve learned through an additional 60 minutes of email instruction, homework, and assignments during the week.
  • Inclusion in the Cram Session before the test they are signed up to take it. In these sessions, tutors present additional concepts and testing strategies for the types of questions that will be on the different sections of the standardized test. Practice is truly the key to success in a cram session! The cram session will provide an additional 8 hours of structured prep!


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