Brain Storming 101 – Resumes, College Application Long & Short Essays (Tuesday, July 30th, 1:00 p.m.) FREE EVENT


BrainStorming 101 – Resumes, College Application Long & Short Essays
Wednesday, July 31st
1:00 p.m.
Please bring a laptop

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Expiry Date: July 31, 2024


BrainStorming 101 is the initial step in the writing process of resumes, college application long and short essays, and more!

We will set the goals: Explain that the goal of the brainstorming activity is to generate ideas and gather the information that will help them enhance their resumes and college application essays. Emphasize the importance of showcasing their strengths, experiences, and unique qualities.

Mind mapping is one skill we will use. The concept of mind mapping is a visual technique for organizing thoughts.

We will reflect on experiences: Prompt participants to reflect on their past experiences, both academic and extracurricular. Encourage them to think about challenges they have overcome, skills they have developed, and impactful moments they have encountered. Suggest they consider leadership roles, community involvement, internships, or part-time jobs.

Identify strengths and qualities: Ask participants to make a list of their personal strengths and qualities. These can include characteristics like determination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, or teamwork skills.

And finish with Freewriting: Set aside a dedicated time for participants to engage in freewriting. This involves writing continuously without worrying about grammar or structure, allowing ideas to flow naturally.



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