Duke TIP Prep Program for 7th Grade Talent Search with ACT or SAT Prep Included


Duke Tip Prep Program. Start preparing as early as July 1st!
Dates and Times vary based on student availability and their prep program. See description below.
*Course registration open from July 1st-April 1st, with Tip Program registration starting August 1st.



*Prep Course registration open from July 1st-April 1st, with Duke Tip Program registration starting August 1st.

Duke Tip Prep Program
Chelsea Hall’s Duke TIP Prep Program takes parents and students through the entire process of preparing and applying for the 7th Grade Talent Search.

Course includes

  • Assess the requirements for admission (Standardized Test + ACT/SAT Scores) on an individual basis.
  • Determine dates and deadlines for the TIP program, plus registration help with program and tests.
  • Explore the different levels of the TIP program and what ACT/SAT score is necessary for each level.
  • Review the dates and deadlines for the ACT/SAT tests.
  • ACT or SAT diagnostic test and structured study plan based on result of practice test.
  • Customized test prep counseling to zero in on the strengths and weaknesses of the student, creating a tailored plan to meet his/her individual needs and goals.
  • Enrollment in 5 weeks of ACT or SAT Prep Courses at Chelsea Hall.

About Duke Tip 7th Grade Talent Search
The 7th Grade Talent Search is an entry point to TIP’s support, resources, and community. At a crucial time when they are forming their identities and looking ahead to the future, students receive benefits that help them learn about their academic strengths, discover new interests, find essential advice, and connect with advanced educational program.

The application fee for the 7th Grade Talent Search is $80 payable to Duke Tip. This fee includes the cost of registration for the SAT or the ACT. We will help you with the registration process!