PSAT 4-Day Bootcamp, (Tuesday, 8/1 – Friday, 8/4, 1:00 -4:30 p.m.) COLLEYVILLE LOCATION


Tuesday, August 1- Friday, August 4
1:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Prepare for the all-new PSAT!

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Expiry Date: August 1, 2023



Chelsea Hall is pleased to offer our PSAT Boot Camp. This Prep Course is designed for students looking for an intensive, rigorous course of training to prepare for the upcoming October PSAT.

Starting in Fall 2023, all students who take the PSAT will take a completely revised PSAT.

To start with, the exam is in a digital format instead of on paper. The switch to a digital PSAT is a permanent change.

Other changes include: The Digital PSAT Will Be Shorter
The digital PSAT will be 2 hours and 14 minutes long, making it a half-hour shorter than the paper PSAT.
Since the digital PSAT will be shorter, it will also have fewer questions than the paper PSAT. The digital PSAT will consist of 98 questions in total.

New PSAT Modules
The digital version of the PSAT will also have four sections, except now they’re called modules.
The Digital PSAT Uses New Content to Test the Same Skills
In general, questions on the digital PSAT will be more direct and focused on measuring the skills and knowledge that you need for college and career readiness. This means that the questions you encounter on the exam may be shorter, more concise, and more focused on assessing the core skills you need to succeed in the future!

In the Reading and Writing section of the digital PSAT, students will be given shorter reading passages that are tied to a single question.

On the digital PSAT Math section, word problems will be shorter and more direct as well. You’ll also be able to use a calculator in both sections!

The digital PSAT will also use a new system called adaptive testing to assess students’ skills more efficiently. With adaptive testing, the difficulty level of exam questions changes based on each question that a test taker gets right or wrong.

Just like the paper PSAT, the digital PSAT will still be scored on a 1520 scale in 10-point intervals. Digital PSAT scores will still mean the same thing as paper PSAT scores, and they’ll still be used to determine National Merit eligibility as well.

Tutors will present concepts and testing strategies for the types of questions that will be on the different sections of the PSAT.

The PSAT Math session breaks the questions down into 3 types: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem-Solving and Data Analysis questions. This session provides guided review and practice over these questions, along with strategies and tips to prepare the student for test day.

The PSAT Writing & Language/Reading Isn’t the same as everyday Informal English. Even students who excel with writing and grammar in school can struggle with the PSAT Writing and Language because the test has its own logic. What can be more confusing are the PSAT Writing and Language grammar rules that are tested in this section. Our Writing and Language session will focus on the grammar rules that can be found in this section. Strategies and tips, as well as guided practice and exercises, will prepare the student for this section of the SAT. Along with the grammar rules in the second section of the PSAT, reading comprehension skills will be tested through different reading passages. The reading passages focus on topics from U.S. and World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Science. With command-of-evidence questions, words-in-context questions, and text-analysis questions, we’ll give you the strategies and tips to move through these questions quickly!

There will also be a LOT of guided practice! Students can complete additional practice tests before the PSAT! Practice is truly the key to success in a cram session!

Whether you’ve decided to prepare with a book or a tutoring class, take into account study preferences, score goals, and resources when deciding on a starting point. A good general starting point for prep is approximately 3 months in advance of your test date. This plan provides time to review the tested content and learn strategies for all the question types covered by the SAT. If a larger gap exists between your current score and your goal score, a time frame of 6 months may be appropriate.

Whenever you decide to begin PSAT prep, the best start to any program is with a diagnostic test that will reveal what concepts, rules, and strategies will give you the most effective tools for score improvement. We offer free diagnostic tests. To schedule a test, email us at Or call us at 817-912-1551. The test takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can be completed anytime during our business hours.

All materials will be provided.


**The Boot Camp is not designed to replace a standard or long-term study program, but it is great if you have a limited amount of study time or have already taken a PSAT Prep Course or the Test and need an extra boost!