College Application Protocol


Create a list of relevant activities, as well as a resume. Determine the best applications to use for admissions and apply up to 7 different colleges. FAFSA discussion will be included.



College Application Protocol

Are you ready to apply to the college of your dreams but have questions? Wondering what you will need to complete your applications? Let us help by determining which applications are right for you, whether it’s ApplyTexas, the CommonApp, or others.  With the third section of our College Pathway Complete program, The College Application Protocol, you’ll put your best foot forward on all your applications. You will create accounts for these valuable application websites. After that, we can help you by creating a list of relevant activities. You will also generate a resume you’ll use over and over again! Then, you will complete up to 7 applications! FAFSA is important too and we’ll cover that!

  • Determine appropriate college applications for the student’s dream school, match schools, and safety schools.
  • Develop personalized application strategies and timing for each application.
  • Create a list of relevant activities to highlight the student’s accomplishments for admissions, references, scholarships, and admission interviews.
  • Create a resume to include student strengths, interests, hobbies, extracurricular activities, awards, and achievements.
  • Create a personal statement addressing what kind of student is applying, what they would bring to a college, what their strengths are, and what they have accomplished. This is one of the application components in which students have the most control and the best opportunity to let the university get to know a little more about them.
  • Receive guidance to answering all sections, questions, and prompts to complete applications for up to 7 colleges; including ApplyTexas, CommonApp, individual college applications, and others.
  • Learn the best ways and timing to solicit amazing teacher recommendations
  • Provide guidance, coaching, and editing assistance on short answer questions for each application.
  • Essay-writing assistance for each college application, up to 7 applications:
    • Brainstorming potential topics
    • Editing grammar for essay and short answers
    • Ensuring that the student’s voice and writing style are consistent in the essay
    • Provide guidance on structure and editing.
    • Ensure proper structure for each essay is used
    • Coaching through multiple revisions and essay drafts
  • Complete review of online application before final submission to check for any errors or missing items.
  • FAFSA is a requirement for many scholarships and state or campus financial aid programs. A presentation and discussion of this important topic is included.


Each student that is a part of the College Application Protocol will receive admittance to our College Essay Workshops as well as our FAFSA Presentations.


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