College Core Program


In this first section of our College Complete Pathway Program, create individualized searches and personalized profiles for your college applications and admissions process. Find the standardized testing that is the best fit for you. Create a schedule to keep you on track with your progress.




The College Core Program

Are you just starting your college search and feeling overwhelmed by all the different options? Still don’t know where to start with college applications? Does the process of finding the right college seem daunting? Our College Core Program is the first section of our College Pathway College Program. It offers college application and admissions tutoring with:

  • The creation of a personalized and accurate profile developed through measures of aptitude.  This will help to uncover a student’s natural talent and align them with programs and careers. The profile can broaden the student’s vision of possibilities for a future career.
  • The creation of an account and profile to explore college majors that fit the student’s interests, the student’s self-reported abilities, and/or values. These results can help explore career options, personalize focus, and plan for the future. This profile will help identify personally relevant occupational and educational options. Along with this,  standardized scores for all tests will be in one place.
  • Discover the right fit between two important standardized tests. The student will take part in our ACT vs SAT presentation outlining how each test is different,
  • Develop a list of 8 – 10 schools including the dream school, match schools, and safety schools
  • Create accounts on appropriate college admission and application websites. Sign up for important newsletters to stay current on and dates and events for each campus.
  • Create a schedule to keep on top of all important dates and deadlines.
  • Current course recommendations if needed.

Each of these core steps focuses on a different facet while preparing to apply for college.


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